The Home Renovation That Never Ends

Home remodelling tips and tricks this year

When Halle and Casey Cane bought a $2.73 million Edwardian-style home in San Francisco four years ago, they just had small upgrades in mind.

“We initially moved in thinking, ‘We don’t need to do anything” other than a few tweaks, said Ms. Cane, 39.

Four years and $1 million later, they’ve “touched every inch of the house in some way,” said Ms. Cane. They’ve redone the basement, the den, all the bathrooms, the closets and upstairs bedrooms. They refinished kitchen cabinets in gray and then painted them white. They spent $50,000 adding foliage to the backyard, but are currently spending another $25,000 to remove it. After that, they’ll be done renovating—maybe. The idea of expanding the footprint by 500 square feet “is still in the back of our heads,” said Mr. Cane, 39, a real-estate investor and ski blogger.


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Most homeowners dread the prospect of a long renovation, where countless weeks or months are spent washing dishes in the bathtub and sleeping in the pool house. But a small number of homeowners—whether they’re procrastinators, perfectionists or just on a tight budget—take years and spend scads of money on home improvements. Eventually, they get their dream space, but endless renos can take a toll on remodeling professionals as

In April, interior designer Timothy Corrigan walked away from a contract to design and furnish an estate in Beverly Hills that his clients bought three years ago for more than $27 million. The reason? He lost hope that the owners, whom he declined to identify, would ever make up their minds.

“I had been on it for over a year and a half, but it was dead in the water,” said Mr. Corrigan, who has offices in Los Angeles and Paris. “I even burned sagebrush in the house to try to get it moving,” he said, referring to an American Indian cleansing ritual. Despite his call to the spirits, the homeowners first decided to add three new bedrooms, then changed it to five, then went back to three. Mid-design, they announced they wanted to add a new building on the property that would house a spa and gym. Later, they scrapped that and opted to include those elements in the main building.

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Quick Fixes to Toilet Overflow

There have been many cases where in your toilet overflows because it was clogged, the flush is broken, or water just starts backing up for no apparent reason. All over the world this particular problem can occur. It is fair to say that everyone will eventually experience this kind of water damage, and you should consider yourself lucky if you have not. Regardless, remedying toilet floods home does not require you to be a rocket scientist. There are many simple ways to go about a toilet overflow incident.

The first is to be aware of the possible causes of toilet overflow. One is that your drain may be clogged. Be it partially or completely clogged doesn’t matter, because it will eventually lead to some overflow since water cannot be displaced. Another possibility is that there is too much water entering your floater which apparently will cause an overflow. Being aware of these two fundamental causes can help you avoid the situation in the future, too.

The following are few helpful techniques that you can keep in mind when you are experiencing toilet overflow problems.

With almost any kind of problem-related to a flood, it is best to turn off the water valve. You will save precious water and it will be easier to examine your toilet system without water gushing in front of you. Next is to use a plunger to try and unclog whatever might be blocking the piping system. You never know if something might have been stuck in it. Afterward, you may use the spring end of a toilet auger to ensure that there is really nothing else clogging your toilet system. Just insert it in the toilet and twist it a bit. After the procedure, turn your water valve back on and flush the toilet.

Now, if your problem is not related to any clogging, you may want to look at your floater. This is the large plastic ball that is hanging at the end of a beam. It is actually hard to miss as it is usually the biggest object inside your toilet. You may try adjusting the height of the floater. There are times when this device can get unhinged or stuck which causes the toilet to malfunction. You can double check if it is already working by flushing the toilet while holding the floater. You want to make sure that floater rises with the water level and that it lowers itself when the water drains out. If all is working well then you will end up with an absolutely functioning toilet once again.

If none of these necessary procedures are working for your, then it might be time to call your trusted water damage contractor. Your local water damage professional, like, is just a call away. It is important not to leave this problem unattended because it can cause damages to properties as well as pose risks to the health of household members. Don’t wait, call a professional to help you to solve the issue whenever it has happened.

Tips for Choosing the best Spray Foam Company

In the past, it was quite simple to choose a spray foam company. All you had to do was to sort out several bids and pick the lowest price. However, things have changed now and Spray Foam is nowadays complicated with different spray foam companies creating unequal foams. You therefore have to be very careful when choosing a Spray Foam company lest you get a careless applicator that will cause the foam to split. Here is a good resource on insulating tips.
What questions should you ask before choosing a Spray Foam company?
Serving as tips, important questions that you should note about different spray foam companies will be highlighted here below. These questions are meant to help you get the best company out of the many spray foam companies out there.
How long has the company been in business?
Whether you like it or not, experience is a factor that cannot be ignored in any way when choosing a spray foam company. It goes without saying that an experienced company is much more reliable than the inexperienced ones. This is because they have proven track record that you can measure them with.
This tip however, should not lead you to ignoring the fact that there are some new companies that are actually doing a great job.

Is there any warranty
You also need to know whether there is a warranty offered by the company you are choosing. The best spray foam companies offer attractive warranties to their clients. These types of warranties are meant to ensure that the quality of work is at its best.

What type of equipment do the employees wear when spraying foam?
The best spray companies should have the best equipment for their employees to use during the work. High end spray foam companies that you should choose ensure that their employees have OSHA standard fresh air breathing systems. This care for employees only implies that the same care will be extended to you.

How soon can they start?
You also need to know how soon the actual work can begin. A company that provied home insulation Richmond Hill Ontario will take more than a week to start the work does not have enough resources to do the work hence the delay.
All these mentioned tips are meant to ensure that you get high quality work from any spray foam company that you will choose. Otherwise, you should be weary of the spray foam companies that sub-contract the work for they will not guarantee you anything.

Why You need To Hire A Professional Ottawa Painting Contractor

With Spring 2016 just around the corner, Ottawa property managers and individual home-owners are looking at all the home improvement projects they will be taking on – from installing a deck in the backyard to cleaning up the interlock driveways, there are tons of projects that need to be squeezed into the short Ontario spring and summer months. One of the most common jobs people rush to get done is definitely residential interior and exterior painting. It’s one of the projects that provides the best visual ROI and many people undertake the projects themselves. While this can definitely save you some money upfront, we’ll go over why you should hire a professional Ottawa painter in today’s post.

professional painters in otttawa

First, easily the best reason you should spend a bit more and hire a pro is that they have the experience and resources to get the job done faster and more efficiently than you can. You’ll likely spend too much time and go way over budget. Professional home painters know how to estimate how much actual paint is needed, use the right number of crew members and start and finish the project on time. Yes, you will likely pay more, but the aforementioned combined with complete liability protection against any painters getting injured on your property make the premium seem like a worthy investment. If you’ve ever tried to get a job done on time with your own team or limited resources you’ll probably agree it can be a big pain in the ass. Also the risk that you might be injured is totally uninsured, whereas with a professional contractor you cannot be held legally responsible if someone falls off a ladder and hurts themselves.

Of course not all painters in
are created equally and a quick Google search will be your best friend when it comes to sorting out the good contractors from those that are going to be a hassle. Almost any general contractor in Ottawa will claim they can get your job done on time, but we would highly recommend asking for proof of liability insurance and a written promise that the job will be completed by a certain date and time. This keeps them honest and ensures that you are saving the time you hope to.